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Wicked stepmother
« on: August 21, 2019, 01:57:26 PM »
I don't know how my dad fell in love with her, but he did. And that made 15 years of my life as miserable as hell.
She's a liar. She lies about money, which is just about the most important thing in her life. I'm thankful that I only started living with her and my father (plus their kids) when I turned 13.

I got in college and was able to get a scholarship by joining one of the elite orgs in the university. I only had to pay miscellaneous fees because the school shouldered the tuition fee. what did she make me do? Lie to my father and not tell him that the money he forks out for my enrollment only goes to his wife's pocket. What she does with the money, I do not know. She has loans and loans to pay off but I never knew why she had to borrow money all the time and then use me to cover for her. When I started working half of my salary went to her - to help with the bills, I was made to believe. But a week or so before the next salary she would start being cranky and grumpy and cause everyone in the house to be upset. The only way she would be nice again is if she would be given money. Not even my step-siblings were spared from her. She would also milk them any time and any way she can.

She is a scheming and evil woman. She badmouths people to others when they do not do her bidding. She treats her brothers and sisters and their kids as if they are her slaves. Everyone I have spoken with feels the same thing toward her. They do not like her as a person but they have to tolerate her because she is family.

Just thinking of her makes my blood boil. I don't understand how there could be people like her. I'm just glad I don't live with them anymore.

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Re: Wicked stepmother
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 01:47:03 PM »
My older sister married a man who has a child from his ex-girlfriend. My sister has been married for nine years now, and the kid is 12.

The kid lives with her mother, but her father fetches her every weekend so she could spend some time with him. My sister and her husband do not have kids of their own, so my sister dotes on the little girl - who used to be a little brat but has since grown nice and sweet to everyone. I have visited my sister a few times when the kid was there, and she is a polite and kind human being. She loves giving hugs and always has a ready smile. She and my sister are very close and they seem to really enjoy each other's company.

I'm not sure how different it would have been if she lived with her father and my sister instead. I don't know if my sister would turn into an evil stepmother too. You see, she was not very patient with me when we were younger. She would boss me around and make me do favors for her. Sometimes I wonder if she would be a bitch to the kid like she had been with me if they lived together.

Maybe she would be a supervillain too. You know the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt?" Maybe that's what happens when two people who are not supposed to co-exist in one situation are forced to live together. Maybe that's what happened to you and your witch - er, stepmother.

Glad she is out of your hair now.  :)